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Shrimp season in the waters of Bushehr province will open on August 3, 2020
The expert of the Hormozgan Management and Planning Organization visited the current projects of the mollusks research station in Bandar Lengeh
Increase of Artemia eggs in Lake Urmia
The general manager of the Mazandaran Department of Fisheries and the head of the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center visited a 100 - hectare farm in
Consultation meeting on quantitative and qualitative monitoring of juvenile Caspian white fish in coastal ponds
The Memorandum of Understanding
Implementation of the production assistants plan
Familiarity with vaccination in aquaculture
Holding a scientific lecture
The Memorandum of Understanding
Estimation of the stocks of sea cucumber species in the Oman Sea and harvesting capacity
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Increase of Artemia eggs in Lake Urmia

Increase of Artemia eggs in Lake Urmia

The head of the Iranian Artemia Research Center announced a significant increase in the number of eggs of this species in Lake Urmia to about 350 eggs per liter in June this year and said: This increase will lead to the creation of several generations...
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