According to the public relations office of the International Sturgeon Research Institute, the director of the aquaculture department and executive agents of the institute's joint research project with the University of Gilan entitled "The effect of nopal inducing combination on environmental stresses of salinity, temperature, diazinon toxin and benzo alpha pyrone oil pollution with HSP gene expression and safety indicators in Starry sturgeon juvenile ", visiting the project site located in the Faculty of Science of Gilan University, observed the final stages of the project. Environmental factors and pollutions are the most important causes of stress and reduced immune system function in fish. The purpose of this joint study is to obtain compounds that protect juvenile sturgeons against stressors such as temperature, salinity and toxins and to use them as an anti-stress agent in aquaculture activities such as transportation and releasing into the natural environment. It is worth mentioning that this project is the second joint project of the institute and the University of Gilan in order to synergize and increase scientific interactions between research institutes and universities in order to remove barriers and challenges in the industry.
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