According to the public relations office of Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center, the extension course for identifying tuna and sharks was virtually held on March 9 in the port of Konarak with the collaboration of Dr. Seyed Ahmad Reza Hashemi, faculty member of Offshore Fisheries Research Center and Mr. Nouri Dafrazi from the Deputy Minister Office of Fisheries and Fishing Ports of Iran Fisheries Organization.
The course was held to make experts and fishermen familiar with different species of tuna, quasi-tuna and sharks and to reduce level of errors in fishing statistics and to pay more attention to conservation issues of these species.
Dr. Hashemi compared tuna, quasi-tuna and marlins fishing in the southern waters of the country and compared it with global numbers. Then Mr. Nouri described identification of tuna, quasi-tuna and marlins in Oman sea and Indian Ocean.
It should be noted that the total catch in the waters of south of the country in 2021 was more than 680 thousand tons which more than 45% of it is large pelagic. Tuna group is about 80% of the large pelagic which is more than 35% of total catch in the country.
Fishermen, experts and researchers of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI) and affiliated centers and research institutes and university students were present in this course.
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