According to the public relations office of Offshore Fisheries Research Center - Chabahar, Dr. Bahmani, head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, visited the center and the aquaculture research working-place on the first day of his visit and had a meeting with the center's staff. Dr. Azhdari, the head of the center, presented a report on the conditions and number of staff and active departments in the center. He referred to the ongoing projects and achievements of the center, cooperation with Afrooz Shimi knowledge-based company, equipping laboratories and cooperation with other organizations and the problems present in the center. The administrative and financial deputy of the center expressed financial inputs and outputs and basic activities such as repairs and restructure of equipment. Finally, Dr. Bahmani expressed his condolences for the loss of a member of the institute Dr. Jahanbakhshi and offered plans to address the concerns of the staff. They also made statements about the high potential of the region's fisheries, regulations for changing the status and promotion of staff, measures taken, future plans for the center and explanations about provision of the necessary funds. They also emphasized the center's planned research activities. After the meeting, they visited the fishing port of Konarak and Misagh Bahr factory in Konarak (inedible aquatics) and Mr. Khaled Niazi's working-place to talk about longline fishing and met with the representatives of fishermen.
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