Considering that the coasts of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman in Hormozgan province accept large volumes of effluents from industrial, urban and agricultural activities, so determining the status of pollution in the coasts of the province is an undeniable necessity. In the present study, the main purpose is to determine the status and concentration of chemical pollutants from urban, industrial and agricultural activities (shrimp farming) in Hormozgan province with the approach of benefiting from the results in the impact of pollutants on the economic value of coastal waters . Parameters studied in water include temperature, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, phosphate, nitrate, ammonia, COD, heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, lead and aluminum), polyaromatic hydrocarbons and total hydrocarbons and in the deposition of organic pollutants Stable consisted of PAHs, TPHs, heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, lead and aluminum). Sampling stations include 9 stations in Bandar Abbas, including stations overlooking the location of domestic effluents (Gorsuzan estuary, Amin Hotel), industrial effluents (Bandar Abbas refinery, Bandar Abbas power plant), two stations including smelting plant and Qeshm desalination plant on the coast Qeshm is the place of harvesting and discharging effluent from shrimp farming sites in Tiab region in the east of the province and two stations adjacent to desalination plant in Bandar Lengeh. A control station in the south of Qeshm Island is also selected and sampling was done in two seasons of winter 99 and summer 1400. The results of the analysis were compared with the defined regional and global standards, and the health status of the marine ecosystem in the coastal waters of Hormozgan province was determined.
Keywords: Physicochemical parameters, Petroleum pollutants, Heavy metals, Persian Gulf and Oman Sea
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