Babylon spirata conch shells were caught by special circular cages for one year from September 1400 to May 1401 in Pozm-Kanarak-Bris and Pasbandar areas from different depths up to 60 meters (based on snail distribution) Monsoon conditions and stoppage of fishing activity in the months of June to August, no sampling was done.
The samples were collected in each sampling and after counting and station, they were transferred to the laboratory. Examination of the stomach of the Babylon spirata, oyster showed that this snail has a rotting diet and it feeds on the remains of the animals and remains will be Oyster. Clam, squid, Shrimp and fish from the Leognathidae family are fed by this species.
The length of sexual maturity for this species was calculated to be 31.9, which was 31.1 in females and 32.5 in males. Babylon spirata snail reproduces in all seasons of the year and is unisexual and has internal fertilization. The female species has two spawning peaks, in the autumn season we saw a weaker peak and a stronger peak in the winter (the main spawning time for this species was estimated from November to March) and during the breeding season, most of the stomachs are empty and with poor nutrition. were estimated.
Keywords: Babylon spirata,feeding, Reproduction, Length of sexual maturity, Oman Sea
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