According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, Dr. Mohammad Sayad Bourani, in an interview with IRNA's economic reporter, pointed out that pike perch is one of the economically valuable fishes in the Caspian Sea, and added: “This research institute, which is Iranian Fisheries Science research institute affiliate, achieved the technical knowledge of pike perch fish breeding.”
The head of Anzali Inland Water Aquaculture Research Institute stated: “During the past years, only the stocking of pike perch fish was done by the Iranian Fisheries Organization, and millions of these fish are released into water resources every year.”
He continued: “Pike perch fish production in recirculation system in the world reaches more than one thousand tons. Countries such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and a number of other European countries are active in the production of this fish. The history of these activities is less than a decade and is almost a new topic.
According to Dr. Sayad Bourani, a project titled “Investigating the possibility of breeding pike perch under intensive conditions and in fiberglass tanks” started in 2019. In this project, the cooperation of the Center for the Restoration and Protection of Marine Fish Genetic Resources has been very effective, which deserves appreciation.
He also said: “Accustoming perch fish to manual feeding, raising fish from one gram to pre-breeding stage (with weights between 500 and 600 grams) and obtaining brood stock fish (with weights between 900 and 1 kg) and the production of 20 kg per cubic meter were of the important steps achieved during the project at Fouman Aquatic Breeding Research Station, which is affiliated to Anzali research institute.”
He stated: "Semi-natural reproduction of pike perch fish inside fiberglass tanks by nesting and fertilizing the broodstock with HCG hormone and producing larvae and consequently thousands of first generation fry and keeping them in earthen ponds and fiberglass tanks at Fouman station, are also another important points.”
Dr. Sayad Burani stated that the complete technical knowledge of breeding pike perch fish exists in the research institute, and said: “A technology unit and two private sector companies have announced their readiness for joint cooperation in this field. In addition, many fish farms also need perch fish in earthen ponds in order to control unwanted fish.”
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