According to the public relations office of the International Sturgeon Research Institute-Rasht, the researchers of the institute succeeded in retrieval of sperm from Iranian sturgeon accustomed to breeding conditions in the framework of the approved research project. In this study, which was conducted to keep natural sturgeon breeders alive after reproduction, fish sperm were extracted three years and a half after keeping and feeding in proper conditions. In this study, for the second time, 250 ml of sperm of desirable quality was extracted with 80% motility and 30 minutes of motility from a natural Iranian sturgeon breeder weighing 5.15 kg, after hormone therapy. The extracted sperm was frozen and stored in the institute's sperm bank to be used when needed. This fish was returned to the life cycle for spermiation several times. It should be noted that previously, valuable sturgeon breeders were killed and eliminated from the life cycle following fishing from the sea and performing artificial reproduction.
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