According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), the promotional handbook "An introduction to the risks associated with water sampling equipment" by Dr. Nima Pourang, faculty member and head of IFSRI’s ecology department, and Dr. Mehrnaz Banyamam, faculty member of the Planning Research, Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Institute was published and uploaded in the Agricultural Knowledge and Technology Promotion Hall of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization.
Nowadays, sampling is done for various purposes, the top important goal of sampling is to catch a group of aquatics with some types of fishing tools for studies such as population structure (diversity, abundance, mortality, disease, harvesting), research on the effect of pollution on aquatics, determining the amount of production. The safety of working with fishing tools is the other issue that needs to be considered.
The purpose of this handbook is to get acquainted with aquaculture sampling operations. It is a guide to fill the information gap in how to work with aquaculture tools and equipment that also helps researchers and fishermen in this regard.
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