Publication of a promotional handbook by researchers of Shahid Motahari Yasouj center

The promotional handbook of Biology and Nutritional Importance of Gammarus in Aquaculture was published by Dr. Esmaeel Kazemi and his colleagues from Yasouj Center in the Agricultural Science and Technology Promotion Hall of the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO).
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According to the public relations office of Shahid Motahari Cold Water  Fishes Genetics and Breeding Research Center of Yasouj, Dr. Esmaeel Kazemi and  colleagues from Shahid Motahari Center in the Science and Technology Promotion  Hall of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), published  the promotional handbook of the biology and nutritional importance of Gammarus  in aquaculture. Gammarus belongs to the Gammaridae family, which plays an  important role in the food chain and the purification of the environment from  organic materials. The diversity of Gammarus in sea and inland water sources  causes the transfer of energy to higher levels of food chains in the  environment. Knowing Gammarus and acquiring its breeding biotechnology and  enriching the breeding grounds of this living organism to meet the aquaculture  needs of humans is important. Crustacean are amongst the natural food sources  that are effective in changing the color of fish meat. Due to suitable  characteristics of Gammarus in the aquaculture industry, which include high  digestibility, ease of catching, long-term maintenance and ease of breeding  process, it is therefore recommended to develop breeding centers of Gammarus  which will be profitable for the country.
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