According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), the meeting of presenting the annual performance report for 1400 was held on Sunday, May 29th with the presence of Dr. Khayyam Nekouei, Deputy Minister and Head of the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Mr. Saeidian, Head of Vali-e Faqih Representation in the Organization, Mr. Ahmadi, Deputy Director of Management and Resources Development, Dr. Jafari, Deputy Head of Research and Technology, Dr. Moayedi, Deputy Head of the Organization and Head of Education and Extension Institute, Dr. Mokhber, Deputy Head of Planning and Economic Affairs, Dr. Bahmani, the head of IFSRI and the general managers of the organization's headquarters.
In the opening of this meeting of the sixth annual performance report of research institutes and affiliated research centers, Dr. Khayyam Nekouei noted the importance of monitoring and evaluation and meeting the needs of agriculture and natural resources as the most important strategies of AREEO.
He mentioned the implementation of AREEO’s macro-strategies as one of the goals of the meeting and expressed hope that the institutes and centers would assist the organization in achieving its goals by counting the provincial and the corresponding executive needs of departments.
He also mentioned the implementation of governance duties, future research and moving towards economics of agriculture among his expectations and called for more interaction between provincial research institutes and centers and executive deputies and universities. He also mentioned the need for effective communication and cooperation between institutes and research centers of the organization in common issues and considered the use of all existing capacities and capabilities, including laboratories, as one of his other expectations.
Dr. Khayyam Nekouei pointed out the need to implement outputoriented projects and called for the cessation of uneconomic and unprofitable projects.
The head of AREEO considering the performance report presented by Dr. Bahmani, the head of IFSRI, reminded that this institute can guarantee its future as a research authority in the field of fisheries sciences with its desirable and effective performance.
Dr. Bahmani presented a report on the valuable scientific activities of the colleagues of that institute during the last year and presented a report on the actions taken in the fields of research and technology, promotion and transfer of research findings, and planning and support.
He mentioned the production of a rapid diagnosis of VHS disease in rainbow trout by researchers of the Inland Water Aquatic Research Center - Gilan as one of the significant achievements of this institute and added: “production of polyclonal antibodies against viral diseases in fish (in rabbit
samples)-Inland Water Aquatic Research Center, transfer of technical knowledge of breeding genetically modified Tata carp to the carp industry of Gilan province-Inland Water Aquatic Research Center, technical knowledge of breeding white perch - Inland Water Aquatic Research Center, production of multiplex kit for white spot disease diagnosis in Litopenaeus vannamei- Shrimp Research Institute of Bushehr, Production of Streptococcus and Yersinosis autogenous vaccine seed of Rainbow Trout of Haraz - Caspian Sea Ecology Research Institute of Sari, Caspian Sea Research Patrol with Gilan Ship after 11 years in cooperation with Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science - Caspian Sea Ecology Research Institute of sari, production of pseudo male rainbow trout and female juveniles - Genetic and Breeding of Cold Water Fish Research Center Shahid Motahari Yasouj, production of technical knowledge of autovaccine seed of Niksa cage fish farming development plan - South Aquaculture Research Institute have been among the achievements of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute during the last year.
He mentioned the production of Cobia fish in order to introduce it to sea cages in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Ecology Research Institute - Bandar Abbas. He stated: “introducing economic diet formulated with sesame protein for common carp- South Aquaculture Research Institute - Ahvaz, estimation of stock and extractable amount of sea cucumber population - Offshore Water Fisheries Research Center - Chabahar, Vitamin E formulation increasing the viability of Artemia biomass in freezing conditions - Artemia Research Center - Urmia and transfer of technical knowledge of Artemia breeding in geomembrane pools Agriculture with unconventional waters-Aran Bidgol Kashan) Artemia Research Center - Urmia, Cyst bank of different populations of domestic Artemia and 52 regions of the world - Artemia Research Center - Urmia, production of probiotics containing streptomycosis strains of Litopenaeus vannamei Shrimp - Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Ecology Research Institute - Bandar Abbas are of the achievements of the colleagues of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute during the last year.”
Dr. Bahmani referred to the performance report of the Office of the Deputy for Extension and Transfer of Research Findings and added: “Implementation of 13 sites and model-extension farms, uploading 15 titles of promotional content in the publishing system, 390 titles uploaded in the extension hall ,holding 12 lectures in the field of cage fish farming, cold water fish, warm water fish, shrimp and ornamental fish, six fishing courses , 370 people training, conducting training-extension workshops for farmers with more than 9000 training hours were the actions taken by this deputy in Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute in 2021.
The head of IFSRI announced the resumption of activities of the National Aquatic Processing Research Center in the field of commercialization and technology transfer after eight years of closure. He further added: “Commercialization of technical knowledge of fisheries products, launching of the National Aquatic Processing Center, participation in the production of technological shrimp probiotic, participation in holding the event of technological needs of the aquatic industry, implementation of the plan to study the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the development of start-up businesses in the field of fisheries, the selection of the technological idea of the institute in the festival of empowerment of entrepreneurs and technologists is one of the most important activities in this field in 2021.
Regarding the actions taken in Deputy Minister for Research and Technology office of this institute, Dr. Bahmani mentioned holding 28 meetings of the Scientific and Technical Committee and introduced reviewing documents and project performance, reviewing final reports, reviewing scientific reports, reviewing project information, reviewing regulations and actions as the topics of these meetings.
Three hundred and nineteen approvals of the Scientific and Technical Committee meeting, 252 ongoing plans and projects including 27 plans and 9 national projects and 16 provincial projects, 171 articles in international journals and 221 articles in local journals were among the measures taken in the field of research and technology of this institute which Dr. Bahmani mentioned in presenting his performance report.
Concluding 26 research contracts with various institutions, attracting 5 new faculty members, changing the employment status and recruiting staff, following up on cases related to the Gilan and Ferdows 1 ships, including following up on relevant licenses, repairs and conducting research patrols, etc. were other matters which Dr. Bahmani referred to in 2021 performance report.
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