According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), the head of the Institute announced: “Gilan ship research patrol was done for the first time in cooperation with Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science.”
Dr. Bahmani, added: “The research patrol to study the status of aquatic stocks and ecological parameters began on Monday, December 10, 2022. Sampling from depths of 20, 50, 100 and 340 meters and sediments was done and during the night, sampling of Black Sea sprat in transacts of Anzali and Sefidrood was performed.
He, stating that in general, the purpose of this patrol is to investigate the status of Black Sea sprat stocks, especially Anchovy and common Black Sea sprat species at depths above 100 meters, stressed: “sampling of Black Sea sprat fish stocks at high depths using a funnel net indicated the abundance of Anchovies in the composition.”
He said: "Previously, sampling of Black Sea sprat caught in the fishing area of Babolsar was done and the results showed that about 12% of Black Sea sprat caught was Anchovy." This is an increase of less than 5% compared to previous months. Based on the observations and comments of colleagues in the port of Babolsar, this trend continued in the following nights. Therefore, by continuing the sampling, more trusted results can be achieved and the question can be answered whether the result is related to herd fishing or indicates a gradual increase of Anchovy.
Sampling to depths of 340 meters, evaluation and management of Black Sea sprat stocks and determination of distribution areas, possible introduction of new fishing areas in the depths of Caspian Sea and determination of distribution and evaluation of sturgeon stocks on Iranian shores of Caspian Sea, are the most important objectives of this research patrol which the head of IFSRI referred to.
Dr. Bahmani stated: “The activity of Gilan research ship, after 11 years of suspension, with the efforts of this institute to conduct research related to Caspian Sea stocks, has become operational since1399.”
He added: “Considering the importance of monitoring and surveying Caspian Sea stocks, while equipping Gilan research vessel with all kinds of fishing tools needed, including pelagic trawl net, funnel net, bottom trawl net (for sturgeon), EK500 fish finder and sampling tools for physical and chemical factors of water and other factors such as distribution and density of chlorophyll a, etc., it is necessary for the patrol to cover the coast of Iran in all seasons so that it can anticipate stocks and provide them to the Fisheries Organization and beneficiaries.
This news was published in the information base of the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad.