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Visiting the National Fish Processing Research Center
Appreciation and acknowledgment
Training workshop
Sincere meeting of deputy director of research of the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center
The latest status of Lake Urmia
Transfer of the knowledge based product derived from the macro project
Joint meeting with fisheries and aquatic resources management authorities of West Azerbaijan Province
Visit of university graduates to the Iranian Artemia Research Center
Implementation of national plan for Caspian kutum natural reproduction
Statement on readiness of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute for scientific assistance in flood crisis management
Committee on attracting financial resources
Extension plans for shrimp
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Appreciation and acknowledgment

Appreciation and acknowledgment

The appreciation of the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center from the owners of the model fish farms for cage fish farming in Nowshahr
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Training workshop

Training workshop

Holding a training workshop on the formation and development of activities of knowledge-based and development-based companies
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