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Coordination meeting on the conservation of natural reproduction of anadromous fish extension project
Gratitude to two colleagues of the institute headquarters
Crambionella orsini in tuna gillnets
Introduction and guide to genome editing technology
Preparatory stage of fisheries start up event
Extensive collaboration of the Institute with Iran University of Medical Sciences
Report on status of aquatic resources in Hormozgan province to the Planning and Development Council of the province
Northern provinces fishing committee meeting at the Iran Fisheries Organization
Nanotechnology for health, new fisheries and value added (Hackathon)
Visit to the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center - Sari
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Crambionella orsini in tuna gillnets

Crambionella orsini in tuna gillnets

Crambionella orsini were massively entrapped in tuna gillnets in the offshore waters of the Oman Sea
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