According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), the head of National Aquatic Processing Research Center said in a specialized virtual meeting held at Offshore Fisheries Research Center in Chabahar: "If the scientific principles are considered in tuna fishing and the necessary equipment for this purpose are prepared, higher quality and more commercial value of tuna will be obtained and the processing of its by-products will be done without any problems.
Dr. Seyed Hassan Jalili, pointing out that fish eggs, eyes, bones, dark meat, head, fins and viscera of tuna are all part of the by-products, added: “Factors such as death in the net before its exit from water, long struggles during fishing, lack of performing normal operation after fishing or delay in it, delay in cooling or lack of it, long-term storage in non-frozen conditions, temperature fluctuations during different handling stages, inefficient freezing and temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator, are among the factors that reduce the quality and commercial value of tuna.
Impressing that loss of quality in tuna has many side effects he said: “Appearance changes and loss of freshness, darkening of the meat, loss of firmness of the meat, unpleasant odor and harsh taste in the meat are the most important of these side effects.”
Dr. Jalili emphasized that modification and change of fishing method is very necessary to improve the quality of tuna catch and said: “Reviewing, modifying and completing the transportation and storage operations of tuna after fishing to processing centers or market, with the aim of reducing quality losses and waste and the use of vessels equipped with experienced personnel to deliver fishing at sea are of the most important things that can help improve the process of tuna fishing.”
This official considered the establishment of an online auction market for tuna in accordance with international standards as an important step towards improving the post-fishing chain links and continued: “Using special methods and facilities for initial cooling and quick freezing and the development of national standards and the implementation of marketing and sales programs based on the quality, are other measures that can be done in this field.”
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