According to the public relations office of the National Aquatic Processing Research Center - Bandar Anzali, the closing ceremony of the third festival of empowerment of entrepreneurs and technologists (TIKAF) with the presence of inventors and project owners was held on 13 and 14 October 2021 at Pardis Technology Park and the technological idea of  " producing Pet food from farmed fish waste" were selected among the top 30 ideas nationwide.
In this period of the festival, which was held with the participation of 2600 projects from 30 provinces of the country, the technological idea of "producing pet food from farmed fish waste " was selected among the top 30 ideas in the country. This period of the festival will be implemented with the support of the presidency deputy for Science and Technology, Knowledge-Based Culture Headquarters, National Elite Foundation and the cooperation and participation of Iran Technology and Innovation Network and benefiting from the capacity of private sector agents and other activists of the country's innovation and technology ecosystem.
In this project, fish waste was used to produce pet food. This project, considering that fish and other aquatic wastes are used in its preparation, is one of the innovative projects. Since in the country, aquatic wastes have not been used in the preparation of pet food, and in addition, fish and aquatic wastes have a great role in pet nutrition due to their high protein, amino acid content, zinc and selenium, which are suitable for animal growth and development. They also have higher amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in comparison with red meat so they are of higher value. Therefore, the use of aquatic waste in addition to preventing environmental pollution has a significant role in growth and nutrition of pets and as an innovation in the food industry, the country will not need to provide the raw materials needed to prepare pet food.
Public Relations office of The National Aquatic Processing Research Center sincerely congratulates the esteemed colleague, Mr. Fahim for the technological idea of "producing pet food from farmed fish waste" and wishes him success.
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