According to the public relations office of Bandar Anzali Inland Waters Aquaculture Research Institute, on Sunday, August 29, 2021, a promotional webinar (skill course) entitled "Equipment for a cage fish farming pilot site " was conducted by the researcher of this research institute, Adel Hosseinjani in the web conference system of Agriculture Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO). The webinar speaker, pointing out that today the aquaculture industry, especially in the sea, uses a wide range of technologies, recommended the use of aquatic engineering and scientific methods to provide healthy food to the final consumer, especially in aquaculture. He introduced the necessary tools and equipment at the pilot sites of fish farming in cages. Mr. Hosseinjani, mentioned the deficiencies and needs of cage fish farming in Caspian Sea and the need to address the existing deficiencies for sustainable and economic development. He also referred to taking some necessary measures according to the existing capabilities, prior to investment and in the fish farming period in the cage. The webinar ended with questions and answers from the participants and the instructor.
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