According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), in order to develop a joint cooperation, a webinar was held between Iran and Russia on Caspian Sea aquatics on June 24 basedon the coordination made by the Director General of the Office of Scientific Information and International Cooperation, Dr. Vali Nasab with the Center for Progress and Development of Iran. In this webinar, Dr. Saeedi, Advisor to the Center for Progress and Development of Iran, Dr. Sharif Rouhani, Vice President of IFSRI, Dr. Hafezieh, Vice President for Research  and technology, Dr. Fariborz Ehteshami, Head of International Affairs, Dr. Moslehi, Representative of Iran in Russia, Dr. Sergey Shipulin , Deputy Head of Volga-Caspian Section, Mr. Asanov Rifat, Head of Fisheries Representation in Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Vladimir Chaplygin, Head of Sturgeon Laboratory, Dr. Olga V. Pyatikopova, Head of Marine Products Department and Dr. Dmitry Krylov, Head of Artificial Production Department of CaspNIRKh Institute were present. After discussing the capabilities of the both sides and the titles of the joint projects that can be done, it was finally decided that the parties will announce their issues and suggestions for cooperation to Dr. Saeedi within a week.
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