According to the public relations office of Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center, the head of the center and the head of the ecology department, Dr. Amini, and the expert of the aquaculture department, Mr. Salim Jadgal, visited the breeding center of the Chabahar Aquaculture Company. In this visit, while sampling water, larvae and microalgae (Chaetoceroc sp.) in order to check the health and quality, extension recommendations were given to the production manager and expert of the company. It is worth mentioning that in the current production year, the output of two active breeding centers in the region was not efficient, which, according to the diagnosis of production expert of the breeding center, is due to the poor quality of sea water. Considering that after bacterial culture of water, larvae and microalgae and microscopic examination of larvae, no bacterial, viral and protozoan contamination observed in larvae and microalgae, the recommendations were focused on improving further filtration and disinfection of incoming water. It was also strongly recommended to wash the filtration system and water storage tanks and supplies weekly.
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