According to the public relations office of the National Aquatic Processing Research Center, the film crew of "Ayineh Talash" TV program from Baran channel of Gilan province TV came to the National Aquatic Processing Research Center to record a part of this TV program entitled "Promoting the human consumption of kilka fish". This program is being prepared in collaboration with the General Directorate of Fisheries of Gilan, part of which was recorded on the topic of processing with an interview with Dr. Seyed Hassan Jalili. The head of the National Aquatic Processing Research Center in this interview, referring to the relatively good potential of Kilka fishing in Gilan and Mazandaran province, added: "The benefits of this fish as a raw material to become seafood, including availability throughout the year, being cheap, very high nutritional value and desired taste, and its delicate bones that are easily removed or softened during the cooking process, can be turned into a variety of products for the development of aquatic processing industries and meet the needs of taste or nutrition of different groups of consumers. Today, most of the kilka fish catch is consumed by fish meal factories and a small percentage is produced freshly or in a few factories in Gilan and Mazandaran in the form of canned food. Also, a whole kilka or its minced meat, can be turned into products such as smoked, dried, flavored, marinated or pickled and a variety of pastry products. Dr. Jalili further reminded that the National Aquatic Processing Research Center has several projects aimed at diversifying Kilka products, whether for human direct consumption as a seafood, such as kebabs, burgers and fish meatballs or as value-added products like hydrolyzed protein that can be used as a dietary supplement and in the diets of athletes and patients. He also stated that this center, as one of the sub-centers of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI), has the development of aquatic general consumption and increasing the share of human consumption of kilka fish in particular in its programs. In this regard, since last year, the Aquatic Processing Growth Center has been established in cooperation with Gilan Science and Technology Park in this center to provide grounds for attracting innovative designs and ideas in the aquatic processing industry and also attracting knowledge-based companies. The National Center and financial support will provide scientific, technical, laboratory and workshop support for individuals and companies with ideas, through the Science and Technology Park scientific. Also, at the beginning of this year, signing a partnership agreement with the private sector, in order to reactivate the production line of the center, in the near future, we will see the supply of various aquatic products, including kilka fish products. In the end, Dr. Jalili added: "Among the actions and mission of the National Center for Aquatic Processing Research are extension programs. Last year, we had a restaurant promotion plan, which was implemented in cooperation with the General Directorate of Fisheries and some selected restaurants in the province, with the aim of increasing the variety of seafood in the restaurant menu. Also, in various exhibitions and festivals, various products such as fried, smoked kilka and kilka burgers are presented to attract the attentions in order to increase the aquatic culture and strengthen the incentives for investors to enter this sector and the development of the fisheries economy.
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