According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, this morning (Thursday) President Rouhani at the ceremony of exploiting 4,635 projects of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, which was held virtually in a video conference said: "Fish and shrimp farming is an important sector and to provide the food and protein people need, we need to focus more on aquatics. It would be a great change if we could make aquatics available to people at the right price and size so that their habit of using red meat and chicken will change to fish consumption. Aquatic products are of high value in export and currency.”
Noting that pressurized irrigation in the eight years of the government has become more than twice the total history of Iran, he added: "Throughout the history of Iran, pressurized irrigation has been 1.2 million until 2013 and has reached 2 million and 400 since that year; In other words, the pressurized irrigation system has been doubled in comparison with the entire history of Iran. We have also a growth of 50% in fisheries products.
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