According to the public relations office of Shahid Motahari Yasuj Genetics and Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fishes, the workshop on "Application of Biotechnology in Fisheries" was held virtually. The workshop was held by the biotechnology department and faculty members of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute and the presence of interested people from Agricultural Research and Training and Natural Resources Center of Tehran Province, during which various practical issues in the field of biotechnology in fisheries were addressed. In this workshop, Dr. Mahdi Golshan (Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute member) as instructor of the topics of "Short-term and long-term freezing methods of aquatic sex cells and their purposes and applications" and "Bio systems approach and introduction of databases in data analysis of biotechnology " and Dr. Sajjad Nazari (a member of Genetics and Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fishes) as instructor of the topics of  " Chromosomal propagation preparation methods and cell culture "," Polyploidy induction methods and polyploidy aquatic identification methods", "Chromosomal expansion, nucleus and Blood cells size and specific nuclear staining methods",  "Preparation of chromosomal extension from fish and chromosomal karyotyping and preparation of karyograms and idiograms", "DNA extraction "and" How to work with PCR and electrophoresis devices ", were present.
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