According to the public relations office of Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center, Chabahar third acceleration event was held focusing on the sea with the presence of thinkers from all over the country with synergy of the center, Chabahar International University, Sistan and Baluchestan Science and Technology Park, Chabahar Science and Technology Park and Chabahar Free Zone Organization. Dr. Ashkan Azhdari, head of the Center, welcoming and appreciating the sponsors and participants of the event, said: "Considering the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the sea-based economy, which shows his attention to the development of maritime capacity and the development of Makran beaches, it is necessary for the technological ideas in this field to be supported to create sustainable businesses in the region, resulting economic prosperity. He added: "In this event, people with creative ideas were identified who can present their ideas as a new technology to the field of fisheries." This is the first event to be done with this synergy, leading to the creation and cultivation of ideas for the shores of Makran and the introduction of ideas to investors and their support through the collections of international universities and related departments. By creating new businesses in this field, according to the support of the ideas, the participants will operate as knowledge-based companies or technology departments at the campus complex of Chabahar Science and Technology Park. During the three-day event, the participants experienced a specialized idea mentoring work and tried to turn their ideas into a business model with the advice of mentors and trainers. 21 ideas were presented at the event, of which 11 were selected by the vote of participants, mentors and trainers. The mentors and trainers helped the participating teams to articulate their idea by educating, advising, and sharing their experiences, and three ideas were eventually identified as the best ideas. The last 10 ideas were also supported by Chabahar International University and Sistan and Baluchestan Science and Technology Park, and prizes were awarded to the top three ideas. In this event, Dr. Ashkan Azhdari and the head of the ecology department of the center, Dr. Amini Khoei, were the coaches along with the participating teams.
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