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Sustainable and responsible tuna fishing symposium with emphasis on fishing to supply chain was held virtually and in person
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According to the public relations office of Offshore Fisheries Research Center- Chabahar, this meeting was held in cooperation with the center, Chabahar Free Zone Industrial Fisheries Investment and Development Company, Parham Seyd Romak Company, Aquatic Knowledge and Industry Center, Iran Fisheries Organization and Sistan and Baluchestan Fisheries Department. Dr. Ashkan Azhdari, the head of the center, referring to the international requirements of fishing and exploitation of tuna and special attention to specialized meetings, considering the importance of sustainable and responsible fishing, expressed the country's position in the second rank of tuna fishing and demanded Cooperation of executive and supervisory organizations and synergy in conducting applied research on value added in this industry. He also noted the importance of tuna artificial reproducing to restore stocks and fattening, which is now considered in developed countries, for fishing sustainability. Mr. Salamatkhah, CEO of Parham Seyd Romak, expressed the importance of delivering raw material to the seafood processing factory in the shortest possible time in order to supply qualified and healthy food. Dr. Naderi a member of Fisheries Organization of Iran, spoke about the importance of long line fishing development approach in tuna fish management and Mr. Khaled Niazi, a promoter of long line fishing in the province, asked for a special attention to research and promotion of this fishing method. Dr. Golshani, a representative of Chabahar Free Zone Investment, Trade Development and Industrial Fishing Company, expressed the importance of investing in tuna fishing with long-line method, especially by local investors, and called for public efforts to launch the tuna stock market. Finally, Dr. Sharif Rouhani, Secretary of the Center for Coordination of Aquatic Knowledge, Industry and Markets, and Dr. Taghavi a member of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute spoke about the importance of the tuna industry chain, global trade and value added. He also stressed the need to continue holding meetings and implementing the resolutions.
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