According to the public relations office of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Ecology Research Institute - Bandar Abbas, the International Conference on Desalination and Water Treatment was held by Amirkabir University of Technology in Bandar Abbas. In this conference, Dr. Mortazavi, the head of the research institute, gave a keynote speech entitled "A review on Harmful algal blooms Phenomenon effects on Sea water quality and desalination plants" on the environmental effects of desalination plant. He explained the issue of the need for comprehensive monitoring and management of the red tide phenomenon in coastal and marine waters and noted that by implementing plans of action, serious damage to units located on the coastal strip can be prevented and sustainable use of resources can be achieved. Also, Dr. Mohebbi's article entitled "Study of toxins and planktonic density in waters overlooking desalination plant located on Qeshm Island" and Dr. Behzadi’s article entitled "Assessment of population structure of benthos communities affected by desalination plants in Persian Gulf (Case study, Qeshm Island) were submitted virtually.
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