Aquaculture research is networked

The first meeting of the aquaculture network in Inland waters aquaculture research institute of the country-Gilan, was held as a webinar
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According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, Dr. Bahmani, the head of the institute, explained the issues and topics required for networking in the aquaculture sector in this webinar session. Coordination and synergy in hardware, software, goals and programs, between research institutes and centers whose main mission is aquaculture research in the country, considering inland and marine waters, familiarity with provincial and national needs, familiarity with the weaknesses and upgrading specialized capacity, preventing the repetition of similar projects, prioritizing research projects, presenting research achievements at national or provincial levels and creating various specialized committees within the body of the research network, were among the cases that Dr. Bahmani, considered it necessary to be noted in networking.
Dr.Bahmani, emphasizing that about 40% of the projects are directly and indirectly focused on aquaculture, said: “So far, technical knowledge of reproduction and breeding of about 33 aquatic species has been extracted and nearly 1700 articles in this field have been published by Iranian researchers in domestic and international journals.” He further referred to the achievements of aquaculture research, the most important of which are the restoration of valuable species stocks, helping reproduce and cultivate live food, and introducing new species of farmed shrimp, algae, oysters (pearl maker and edible). He stressed the necessity to establish a mechanized and intelligent aquaculture pilot in the north and a mechanized cage fish farming center in the south of the country. According to him, researchers should redouble their efforts in the field of Artemia breeding industry, gaining up-to-date knowledge of aquaculture, futures studies, privatization a part of the research and continuous international communication.
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