According to the public relations office of Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center, during the sea patrol, the researchers of this center observed the phenomenon of red tide combined with green tide in Chabahar bay. In this season, the occurrence of green tides is common based on the ecology of the region, and previously the researchers of this center reported it by identifying the causative microalgae sample, but red tides being harmful, can cause aquatic losses and have harmful impacts on marine aquaculture especially cage breeding system. Therefore, it is important to study and identify the causative microalgae species and the scope of development and distribution of this tide, which is being studied by field researchers at this center. Reports from the fishing community indicate the spread of the red tide from the area of Ramin to Pasabandar, and the deaths of sea turtles have been reported in the researchers' observations, and the researchers are investigating the causes of this event and the relationship between these losses and the tide.
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