According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, the fourth meeting of the Commission for the Protection and Optimal Utilization of Living Water Resources of Caspian Sea, with participation of member countries, for three days (December 21 to 23, 2020) from 10:30 a.m. to 14 p.m. will be held.
Presenting a report on exploitation of fishing quotas and protection of aquatic stocks in 2019, the status of aquatic stocks based on marine research, approval of aquatic fishing quotas for 2021 and review of the ban on commercial sturgeon fishing in Caspian Sea are the most important items in this meeting to be discussed and exchanged.
Participating countries will also give reports on fishing activities, catch quotas and how to protect their aquatic resources. Dr. Mehranpour from Fisheries Organization of Iran also presented a report on the fishing of sturgeon, bony fishes, black sea sprat fish and the share of their catch by species, as well as measures taken to protect water resources in the country.
Dr. Taghavi from Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute also referred to two projects of studying some biological parameters and estimating black sea sprat fish stocks in Caspian Sea and assessing the stocks and bony fishes harvesting stocks off the coasts of Iran in the agenda of aquatic reserves based on marine researches and pointed out that in addition to the above mentioned projects, a project to assess the reproductive status of bony fish species is also underway to determine the status of the Caspian Sea species reproduction. Some indicators that are measured in the mentioned projects include the amount of biomass for each species, the allowable amount to be harvested for each species and announcement to the Iranian Fisheries Organization, determining the fishing percentage based on the standard length, determining the fishing percentage for different ages groups and fishing indices are per unit of fishing effort.
In the end, it was stated that Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute has also announced proposals for joint cooperation to the Fisheries Organization of Iran, which will be announced and discussed by the organizers of the meeting in the coming days.
It is worth mentioning that this meeting will continue until December 23, 2020.
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