Transferring 2 aquatic technical knowledge to the private sector

The head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute announced two cases of transferring technical knowledge from this institute to the private sector and knowledge-based companies active in the fields of public nutrition and shrimp production.
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According to the public relations office of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani, in an interview with IRNA economic reporter, said: "The first transfer of technical knowledge of Iranian Fisheries Research Institute is the transfer of Puffish production (cheese puff with 2% fish meal) to industry, which plays an effective role in Increasing the per capita consumption of fish, especially for children.
He stated: "This institute has also transferred the technical knowledge of producing Specific Pathogen Free shrimp to a knowledge-based company."
Promoting technical knowledge to farms by researchers
The head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, referring to the implementation of the "Yavaran Tolid" project, announced the actions of researchers and the organization's affiliated group in promoting and transferring scientific findings to aquaculture farms.
According to him, with the implementation of Yavaran Tolid project, immediately after the announcement of the Minister of Agriculture Jihad in May 2020, 91 researchers of this institute started their activities.
Dr. Bahmani added: “The appointed researchers of this institute together with the extension experts and fisheries experts of the provinces visited the aquaculture farms and in each farm, completed the relevant worksheets, reviewed the technical problems of the farms and presented solutions to remove existing obstacles and problems and specialized suggestions to the producer.”
The head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute said: “30 cases of Yavaran Tolid project specialized visits of aquatic production farms (salmon, perch, carp and shrimp), were carried out by appointed researchers in the centers and research institutes of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute and Effective actions are done to solve the problems of farms and to increase the production of aquaculture farms and to make the "production leap ", providing technical solutions and recommendations.
Referring to the signing of a tripartite memorandum of cooperation between the Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization, the Iranian Fisheries Organization and this institute, he said: “In order to implement Yavaran Tolid plan in various fields of fisheries and aquaculture, emphasis on promotion, production of strategic fisheries products and improvement of Fisheries beneficiaries’ livelihood have been one of the programs of this institute.”
Dr. Bahmani added: “Continuous visits of aquaculture farms in the provinces by researchers of research centers and their presence in farms and providing suggestions, solutions and technical recommendations to increase sustainable production of farms and the quality of aquatic products and coordination with the working group of provincial Yavaran Tolid to advance goals is another program of the institute about the implementation of Yavaran Tolid plan.”
He pointed out: “Participating in the implementation of 11 extension projects and model sites for users, 92 people - training day in farm day programs, 6,282 people- training hours in the virtual and real training- extension workshop, 117 people - training day in the research findings transfer program , 80 people - training day for field experts, participation in the implementation of five research-extension projects, participation of 91 appointed researchers and five senior fisheries promoters in Yavaran Tolid project, holding more than 25 training and extension courses through the webinar system, holding eight extension webinars by national cases of agriculture in 2018 and 2019 in fisheries and aquaculture sector in the year of "Production Leap" and loading 15 new titles of extension media in the extension hall of the organization are other extensional activities of the institute during this year.”
Production of 6 tons of probiotics for shrimp farming
The head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute said: "After transferring the technical knowledge of producing special probiotics for farmed shrimp to one of the knowledge-based companies, today we are observing the production of more than 6 tons of probiotics by this company for shrimp farmers in different provinces."
Dr. Bahmani added: “Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, in continuation of its commercialization and extension activities and in order to breed common carp and salmon, has worked closely with HAKI Hungarian institutes and AquaGen Norwegian company, which led to the introduction of Tata carp from Hungary and Norwegian modified eggs of this fish.”
According to him, about tilapia and to select, the top five strains of this fish from Thailand were unveiled, which has been an effective step in the sustainability of tilapia aquaculture industry by observing environmental criteria and emphasizing on enclosed environments.
The institute producing the breeders of these five strains as a knowledge-based product and handing them over to the breeders of Tilapia in private sectors, has carried out its research mission in the best possible way.
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