According to the public relations office of Inland Waters Aquaculture Research Institute - Gilan, on the occasion of the research week, a press conference was held in the presence of the province's news media, including Jam-e-Jam and Khazar newspapers, and the head of the research institute. In this conversation, Dr. Sayyad Bourani introduced the research institute, international cooperation, achieving successes in aquaculture from the past to present, research priorities of the research institute in 2020, efforts to reach the diversity of farmed aquaculture, increasing production per unit area, processing Fisheries products, modern aquaculture systems, including cage fish farming and recirculation systems. They also described ongoing research projects and achievements in 2020. He further referred to the important programs of the research institute, including the introduction of native species such as: Caspian Sea Salmon, Caspian Kutum and white Zander to the cages located in Caspian Sea and the introduction of optimal methods of breeding susceptible and well-growing species such as common carp to the country's aquaculture industry, and mentioned to the role of the research institute in reconstruction of economic fish stocks in Caspian Sea, development of aquaculture and processing fisheries products, use of aquatic waste and production of new outputs as the most important activities of the research institute. Dr. Sayyad Bourani also mentioned the role and importance of new researches on algae, the formation of micro-algae banks, their cultivation and use in aquaculture and ancillary industries, and research on the production of value-added products.
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