Symposium of Shrimp Research Institute and Fisheries of Bushehr

A joint meeting of Bushehr fisheries managers and deputies and the country's shrimp research institute was held to review problems, fisheries limitations and development strategies for fisheries industry in Bushehr province.
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According to the public relations office of Shrimp Research Institute of Bushehr, a symposium was held at Bushehr General Office of Fisheries to review the obstacles and strategies for the development of the fisheries industry. Ali Bazdar, Director General of Bushehr Fisheries, appreciating the researches done in both fishing and aquaculture, introduced the role of the shrimp research institute in responding to the needs of the executive sector as undeniable and said: For more development planning in the province, more information, resulting from research in both fishing and aquaculture is required. Ali Bazdar announced that shrimp breeding and acquisition of its methods to be independent of foreign experts, starting time and shrimp storage reservoir in breeding ponds, making decision on sea shrimp fishing due to the large volume of implicit fishing and the impact of using innovative Gargor (cage traps) in increasing fishing effort and degradation of the marine environment, as the important matters for which the research department should find a solution. Dr. Dashtian Nasab, Head of the Research Institute, referred to the selection and maintenance of 4 shrimp populations in the amount of eight to ten thousand pairs to provide broodstock of the next year and a contract with a technical and professional center to develop standards and train 50 jobs in aquaculture as strategic measures of the research institute and said: "Research in the field of fishing shows that the effort and use of fishing tools and equipment are beyond the storage capacity, and should be considered in order to maintain the stock in stable fishing suspension conditions of some species, such as shrimp. To develop sustainable fisheries industry, a space for two-way interaction between the fisheries and the research sector is essential. Dr. Dashtian Nasab also announced the beginning of a new round of research patrols with Ferdows ship to study and estimate the stocks of some aquatic species, in some areas of the Persian Gulf in near future. At this meeting, it was decided to implement a joint program to comprehensively review the fishermen's innovative Gargor (cages for fishing), and it was also decided to hold continuous specialized meetings for more coordination.
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