Visiting The Coldwater Fishes Research Center- Tonekabon

Head, Deputy Director of Research and Technology and Head of Aquatic Health and Diseases Department of Iranian Fisheries Research Institute visit the Coldwater Fishes Research Center -Tonekabon
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According to the public relations office of Tonekabon Coldwater Fishes Research Center, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani, Head of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, accompanying Dr. Hafezieh, Deputy Director of Research and Technology, and Dr. Sepahdari, Head of the Institute's Aquatic Health and Diseases Department, visited Coldwater Fish Research Center of the country on Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Dr. Lashgari, Head of the Center, presented a brief report on the performance of the Center's research, extension and development activities from March 2020 to September 2020 and research cooperation with Mazandaran Fisheries, regarding the restocking Caspian trout stocks. Dr. Haghighi, Deputy Head of Research and Technology and Mr. Rast Ravan, Head of Aquaculture Department of the Center, presented a brief report on the progress of the implementation of the second phase of the SPF trout production macro project. Other colleagues at the meeting expressed their opinions, suggestions and problems in the context of work tasks. Finally, Dr. Bahmani, while congratulating Holy Defense Week and appreciating the efforts of the center staff, gave a complete answer and explanation for each comment stated in the meeting and stressed the need to create a think tank to present new ideas, design practical projects and make a co-operative research network with other research centers of the institute and to handle projects related to restocking Caspian Sea trout stocks with 50% participation of Iranian Fisheries Organization. Dr. Bahmani visited Sehezar coldwater fish breeding center under the management of Mr. Sarshar, a farm cooperating in SPF trout production macro project, which had received the knowledge-based products of the project, and in a meeting with Dr. Lashgari, Dr. Hafezieh, Dr. Sepahdari, Mr. Rast Ravan and Mr. Sarshar, emphasized the need for the farm manager to provide regular reports on the health and growth status of knowledge-based products to the center and institute and to continue cooperation. After visiting the farm, another meeting on executive and research needs of the SPF trout macro project was held in the center, in the presence of the deputy director of research and technology of the institute and the executer of the macro project and the proposed solutions were presented and decided to be done according to priority. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Sepahdari provided explanations about the schedule and proposed titles of the second phase of the research projects and considered the participation of all the staff of the center, effective in the success of the second phase as well as the first phase. They visited the high health pre-brodstock of the second phase, who are being raised in the quarantine hall after a selection stage, and it was decided that after the second selection, which will take place in December of this year, tagging should be done and the data should be regularly and accurately registered until the end of the year 2021.
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