According to the public relations office of the Artemia Research Center of the country - Urmia, to implement the research project of monitoring Artemia and water quality indicators of Lake Urmia, the sampling has been done from the lake on both sides of Shahid Kalantari highway (south and north) in September 2020. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of water including: temperature, pH, salinity, TDS, EC, different life forms of Artemia (cyst, Napoli, meta, young, adult, male and female) separately, type and number of phytoplankton in the lake were Identified and studied. The results of this sampling revealed a decrease in the density of Artemia cyst and an increase in the number of mature Artemia, indicating a change in climatic variables in the lake. On this basis, the water level of Lake Urmia on September 19, 2020 was equal to 1271.27 meters of open sea level, equivalent to 2805 square kilometers of surface and 3.35 billion cubic meters of water volume, which in compare with last year, has decreased 6 centimeters, equivalent to 30 square kilometers at the surface and 0.10 billion cubic meters in volume.
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