According to the public relations of Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, the meeting was held on Sunday, September 21, 2020, in the presence of the head of the institute, the deputy director and also the deputies of the institute. A report was presented on the records of the technical committee for cage fish farming of the institute and the measures taken in the previous round. Furthermore, Dr. Bahmani, director of the Institute, while emphasizing on greater focus and more effective planning of research and extension activities of the institute in the field of cage fish farming, considered the institute's strong presence on the scene as a generator of technical knowledge and greater effectiveness in this field. He also emphasized the close relationship with the executive branch and considered it necessary for representatives of the executive branch and breeders to be present in the meetings of the working group. In the continuation of the meeting, the members of the technical working group of cage fish farming of the institute in the new round was reviewed and determined, and the holding of regular meetings of this working group in the institute was emphasized. Finally, it was decided to compile the strategic plan and research document of cage fish farming, in the institute and to update the packages prepared in the previous years. Also, the program of cooperation with the applicant companies and its research and executive operation plan should be developed and its report should be presented in future meetings.
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