The opening of shrimp season in Hormozgan province is determined by conducting monthly research patrols to assess the growth, survival rate and young population in the main shrimp habitat. According to the annual plan, research patrols to determine the opening of shrimp season in 2020 began in February with the cooperation of a local trawler. Given the outbreak of the coronavirus and the illness of some sailors and the risk of spreading the disease to others as well as the further spread of the disease in the coming months, it was decided that in coordination with the Department of Fisheries of the province, the pre - planned research patrols should be carried out in the form of visits to the fisheries landing sites adjacent to the shrimp fishery areas. Therefore, the first step in the study of shrimp stocks was taken by the experts from the department of biology and the department of fisheries stock assessment by visiting the Qeshm and Kolahi fishing ports on August 16 and 17. The results showed that the growth of juvenile shrimp, which plays an important role in the opening of the shrimp season, with an average carapace length of 7.25 mm is in the relatively good condition. Given that the research patrol is scheduled to be conducted in September using 5 local vessels in compliance with health protocols, it is hoped that more important information will be obtained on the status of shrimp stocks, biomass and allowable harvest.
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