The meeting of the scientific - technical committee of the Golestan Province for breeding and rearing of shrimp was held in the meeting hall of the Golestan Department of Fisheries in the presence of the general managers of the Department of Fisheries and the Veterinary Directorate General, Mr. Ghods Alavi and Dr. Mehrabi, Dr. Aghaei Moghaddam, the head of the Inland Waters Aquatic Stocks Research Center – Gorgan, and the shrimp farmers in the province. First, each shrimp farmer presented a report on the state of shrimp farming, which so far reported a good shrimp farming situation without shrimp mortality. Then, Dr. Aghaei Moghaddam presented a report on the webinar that were presented to the shrimp farmers by the research center through at the beginning of the farming period. He presented a complete report on sampling of wild shrimp in collaboration with the Veterinary Directorate General to investigate the prevalence of shrimp white spot disease at the Gomishan shrimp farming site. Then, Dr. Mehrabi and Mr. Ghods Alavi explained to the shrimp farmers about the sensitive situation in the region and the need to observe health issues and called for planning for shrimp fishery due to the impossibility of forecasting the weather situation for the farmers in the coming months.
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