According to the Bushehr - IRIB NEWS AGENCY, Dr. Aghil Dashtian Nasab stated: The first shrimp research patrol to set a time to open the shrimp season was conducted last Wednesday (July 8) and the second research patrol will be conducted on Saturday (July 18). He added: In these research patrols, the status of shrimp resources in terms of size and weight is examined and the necessary information to determine the time to open the shrimp season is provided to the Fisheries Management Committee. The head of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran in Bushehr said that we will have three research patrols before the shrimp season opens. He stated: The best conditions for shrimp fishery are when 70 % of the shrimp population reaches the size of 12 cm, which is a commercial size and is economically viable. Dr. Dashtian Nasab reminded: In the first research patrol, the shrimp did not reach the desired size but we hope to identify new populations of shrimp of the desired size. He said that in research patrols, the shrimp biomass is also investigated. Dr. Dashtian Nasab continued: In these research patrols, 30 areas in the northern to southern waters of Bushehr province in different depth layers including less than 10, 10 to 20 and 20 to 30 meters are investigated. The head of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran in Bushehr said: These research patrols take three to four days. After that, the time to open the shrimp season and the fishing areas will be determined. He stated that the only fishing gear used to catch shrimp is the trawl net, and added: In order to protect the seabed, we are looking for a way to use fishing gears for shrimp fishery in the future instead of trawling. Dr. Dashtian Nasab stated: In the waters of Bushehr province, there are different species of shrimp such as Metapenaeus affinis and Parapenaeopsis stylifera that are not commercially valuable species and the only high quality commercial shrimp species that makes up 85 % of the shrimp stocks is Penaeus semisulcatus. He pointed out: Last year, 1400 tons of shrimp were caught in the waters of Bushehr province. To watch the video of the report, use the following link:
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