Ms. Safaei Nia, the deputy director of management development of the State Secretary, and Mr. Kayhanfar, the general manager of the Supreme Audit Court of the province, visited the Shahid Rajaee Center for Reproduction and Rebuilding Resources of Aquatics in Sari. During the visit, Dr. Salahi Ardakani, the head of the Shahid Motahari Genetics and Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fish - Yasuj, while explaining the measures taken in recent years and future plans for the development of the research center as well as the implementation of the national macro project of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) rainbow trout production, expressed hope that with the cooperation of executive officials and various organizations, the programs of this research center will be transformed from potential to reality. He continued: The main and most important activity of the research center is the implementation of the national project for selective breeding of rainbow trout. At present, the necessary infrastructure of this project is being implemented with a physical progress of 30 % and with an approximate credit of 40 billion Rials which has been provided by the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute. Ms. Safaei Nia visited different parts of the research center and stated that with the coordination of the governor and also reviewing the document of the national project for selective breeding of rainbow trout, we will take action to remove the obstacles and problems and provide the necessary funds.
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