During the week of transferring scientific findings, the program for the fisheries extension project to attract public participation in rebuilding of aquatic resources in the Hoor al - Azim wetland and the course of conservation and assessment of aquatic resources was held by Mr. Houshang Ansari. The head of the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center, Dr. Hooshmand, who is also the project executor, spoke about the history, importance and feedback of the fisheries extension projects implemented by the research institute. He thanked all the executive bodies that have cooperated and will continue to cooperate with the research institute in the implementation of past and future projects. It is worth mentioning that the training course was held with the presence of the deputy director of aquaculture, the experts of the Department of Fisheries, the head of the Hoveyzeh County Department of Fisheries, the expert of the coordinating office for agricultural extension of the Organization of Agriculture – Jahad of the province, the fisheries extension expert in the Hoveyzeh County, along with the regional promoters in Hoveyzeh County and the expert of the Veterinary Directorate General of Khuzestan Province as well as the veterinary expert of the Veterinary Directorate General of Hoveyzeh County. The purpose of this course was to educate and familiarize people with the importance of stock assessment, the history of study in the Hoor al - Azim wetland, various fishing methods, destructive fishing practices and solutions to deal with it in order to preserve valuable genetic resources of the wetland. At the end, the head of the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center noted the importance of management in rebuilding of aquatic resources after the release of aquatic resources and the prevention of increased fishing due to the release. He also noted the need to preserve the habitat of indigenous fish and prevent the manipulation of their ecosystems in order to combat adverse conditions that lead to the domination of non-native opportunistic fish such as tilapia. He said that all this would be useless without fisheries extension activities and the participation of the people especially children as the future makers of this country.
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