Dr. Ashkan Ajdari was appointed as the head of the Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center by issuing a decree by Dr. Bahmani and the efforts of Dr. Seyyed Abbas Hosseini were gratefully acknowledged. At the ceremony, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani referred to the approach of youthfulness in management and mentioned:Fortunately, Dr. Ajdari has a long track record in research and is familiar with the issues, problems and potentials of the Chabahar area.On the other hand, the Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center is one of the most important research centers of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute which is a kind of marine aquatic research hub and can be very effective in this field.According to the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, despite the difficulties of staying away from the center, research activities have been carried out according to the national - regional needs at the center with the efforts of our colleagues and have been the source of positive effects in the field of fisheries.However, given the potential of that region, greater expectations can be conceivable especially in areas such as new technologies and new knowledge that pave the way for the problems of exploiters.Dr. Hosseini said that the Chabahar area has the highest potential for fisheries research and said:Research requires human resources and equipment as well as financial resources, so comprehensive support from the institute is essential. He added:During my years of responsibility, I have worked with the researchers of the institute to move through the process of progress and through synergy and cooperation, we have tried to address key issues, in particular the relationship with the Department of Fisheries of the province.Dr. Hosseini wished success to the new head of the research center and continued:Due to the training and extension activities of the center especially in the field of capture fisheries and aquaculture, fortunately a good mentality has been created among the operators, hoping that this train will not stop moving.At the ceremony, Dr. Ajdari thanked the trust of the director of the institute for electing him as the head of the Chabahar Offshore Fisheries Research Center and said:Given that in the second step of the revolution, the subject of research as one of the fundamental issues was announced by the supreme leader, it is our honor to take steps in this wayand to pursue research topics with regard to upstream documentation, private sector needs, and strategic issues of the institute. He added: Given the specific circumstances of the country and the importance of nutrition as well as the complexity of climate change phenomena in aquaculture, the importance of research is becoming increasingly evident. The need to pursue goals arises through cooperation and empathy and the use of the capacities of the region and local people. It should be noted that Dr. Dadgar, the consultant and the head of the office of the director of the institute, Dr. Hossein Zadeh, the deputy director of fisheries and aquaculture extension and transfer of research findings, Dr. Ghaednia, the deputy director of planning and support, Dr. Hafezieh, the deputy director of research and technology, Mr. Faezi, the head of security guard, and Mr. Azini, the new head of the administrative affairs of the institute, attended the meeting and they appreciated the efforts of Dr. Hosseini and wished success to Dr. Ajdari.
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