This year will undoubtedly end with all the good and bad memories as in previous years, and nature will wear new clothes.Nowadays as the dear people of Iran worry about the possibility of losing their health, the exciting and sweet atmosphere of the Nowruz nights we experience every year is forgotten.But according to the poems of Hafez, he says:
Arrived the glad tidings that grief’s time shall not remain
Like that remained not; like this shall not remain
Sooner or later, the shadow of this fear will also fade from the roof of Iran, and again hope will smile behind the windows of the houses, and again, the universe and man will hasten to the welcome of spring to forget the winter's grief and put on new clothes, the earth will breathe again, the leaves will grow in color and the flowers will open and nightingale and butterflies will be full of enthusiasm.I wish your hearts, my dears, to experience a change in peace and health as the year passes like the sincerity of this prayer "Change ours to the best in accordance with your will". I wish the will of God Almighty to bring a year full of success and prosperity in various fields, especially in research, to my dear colleagues and their beloved families.
Wishing you a happy new year 1399 S.H. and blessed year ahead
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