Dr. Hossein Hooshmand was appointed as the head of the South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center - Ahvaz by issuing a decree by the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute and the efforts of Dr. Simin Dehghan Mediseh were gratefully acknowledged.At the meeting, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani wished success to the new head of the research center and said:It is essential to use all the provincial and national potentials to solve aquaculture problems. He added: Due to lack of financial resources, it is not possible to build infrastructure and provide new facilities and equipment and it is necessary to make maximum use of existing facilities.In this regard, we can also use the capacity of other organizations such as universities.The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute emphasized:Some capable people at the institute headquarters, research centers and research institutes are designated as national coordinators in specialized areas to becommunication channels of the institute with related organizations.These people will provide analytical and technical reports on a specific topic using collective wisdom.Dr. Bahmani stated:The industry's next 50 - year horizon is aimed at extending the effective goals of fisheries research into the field of long - term futures studies.Dr. Dehghan also wished success to the new head of the research center and said:If success has ever been achieved, I owe it to the collaboration of the researchers of the research center and thank God for succeeding me to serve the institute.Dr. Hooshmand said:The South of Iran Aquaculture Research Center, which has a 30 - year history, has been recognized as one of the scientific hubs of the provinceand much of this honor has come from the efforts of Dr. Dehghan.He emphasized:Effective steps can be taken in the field of aquaculture research with the collaboration of researchers from the research center and the optimal use of existing capacities as well as greater interaction with users.It should be noted that Dr. Hafezieh, the deputy director of research and technology, Dr. Hossein Zadeh, the deputy director of fisheries and aquaculture extension and transfer of research findings, Dr. Ghaednia, the deputy director of planning and support, and Dr. Dadgar, the consultant and the head of the office of the director of the institute, attended the meeting and they appreciated the efforts of Dr. Dehghan and wished success to Dr. Hooshmand.
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