Following the request of the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute from the deputies to inform the newly hired academic members, the intimate meeting on fisheries and aquaculture extension, commercialization, knowledge management and media production was held via web conferencing and webinar.Dr. Hossein Zadeh welcomed the participants and lectured on the use of fisheries and aquaculture extension and commercialization capacities in managing extension activities and transfer of research findings, commercialization and knowledge management as well as media production. He provided the information that 18 newly hired academic members and liaison people of the affiliated research institutes and research centers needed to promote, commercialize and manage knowledge. In this regard, some topics were raised and discussed such as:
The fisheries and aquaculture extension and transfer of scientific findings group priorities include: fisheries and aquaculture extension plans, model sites, Farm Day, specific tasks and points of extension activities in the promotion regulations. The commercialization group priorities include: how to transfer knowledge, documentation of commercializable achievements, patents, participation in designated fisheries science and technology festivals.
The knowledge management group priorities include: introducing forums of the institute and organization as well as websites and print and electronic media.
The questions were posed by the newly hired academic members and the necessary answers were provided.
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