The meeting of the Tonekabon County working group on passive defense was held at the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon with the presence of the representatives from the government offices and governmental organizations in Tonekabon County and Khorramabad city, Shirud city and Nashtarud city.Dr. Lashgri, the head of the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon, welcomed the attendees and presented a brief report on the implementation of the macro project of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) rainbow trout production. The head of the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon outlined the achievements of the project that has been implemented as one of the nationwide passive defense projects aimed at creating bio - security and preventing bioterrorism in the fisheries and the environment and made suggestions in this regard. Then, the secretary of the Tonekabon County working group on passive defense made some comments regarding the approvals of past meetings and each of the members of the working group explained the performance of their departments in implementing the passive defense. The most important approvals of the meeting are as follows:
-Correspondence with the Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Tonekabon County to control entry and exit and check the hygienic certificate of vehicles carrying fish and eyed eggs in order to prevent and control the disease
-Prevention of the Tonekabon city landfill leachate from the Cheshmeh Kileh River (due to the presence of all drinking water wells in the vicinity of this river and its ecosystem protection by installing waste disposal facilities)
-Inviting Dr. Lashgari to attend the service desk located in the Mosalla (a location for Holding weekly Friday prayer) of Tonekabon city
-Make necessary arrangements to prevent the proliferation of apple snails as an environmental pest
-Correspondence with the Municipality of Tonekabon city in order to fix the problem of street dogs, considering the donation of land by the Municipality of Nashtarud city
-Declaration of safe place by Tonekabon city offices for use in times of crisis and emergency
-Correspondence with the head of the Department of Education of Tonekabon County to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of influenza
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