Meeting to discuss "Coastal reservoirs, opportunity to store uncontrolled water flow (unconventional water resources) to provide water for coastal areas" was held in the auditorium of the Department of Environment of the Mazandaran province with the presence of the managers and representatives of related organizations including the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center, the water and wastewater department of the Ministry of Energy, the Caspian Sea National Research Center, the Mazandaran Province Water and Wastewater Company and the Mazandaran Department of Fisheries.Dr. Afraei, the head of the department of ecology and as the representative of the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center, attended the meeting. He suggested that given the importance of the project and the sovereignty of the project and its potential impacts on the ecosystem of the Caspian Sea, its proposal should first be submitted to the Department of Environment and other organizations participating at the meeting and even the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center. After receiving expert opinions and suggestions and evaluating the pros and cons of the project, the project will be discussed at the next meeting. At the end, the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center announced its readiness for any kind of scientific and research cooperation.
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