The first meeting of the Gilan working group on passive defense in agriculture and food security was held at the conference hall of the Organization of Agriculture – Jahad - Gilanwith the presence of the officials and managers of the Gilan province research organizations and institutes, dated 31 December 2019.There were reports on various topics related to environment and food security, plant production, forest fire management as well as management and dealing with water hyacinth.Dr. Vali Pour, the head of the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute, presented a detailed report on the performance of the institute in connection with research activities related to the water hyacinth project. He stated that this project has been implemented at the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute along with five other projects in collaboration with the Gilan Natural  Resources and Agricultural Research Center and the Iran Research Institute of Plant Protection to determine the  distribution of water hyacinths, study the impact of different herbicides on the eradication of this plant, study the effects of pesticides on the Anzaliwetland inhabitants, evaluation of fungal pathogens and investigation of the effect of insects on water hyacinth control. In this report, different methods of combating water hyacinth based on the results of the present research project were mentioned. It was also emphasized that due to the recurrent water hyacinth bloom in the Anzali Wetland, it is necessary to implement appropriate and comprehensive measures in accordance with the executive plan developed by the executor of the project (Dr. Mirzajani) and colleagues from the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute with the participation of all governmental and non - governmental organizations. In this regard, the general manager of the Passive Defense Organization of the Gilan Province also emphasized that this issue will be discussed at the specialized meeting at the Passive Defense Organization of the Gilan Province and the final review of activities to combat water hyacinths will be undertaken and immediate follow - up will be made to provide the necessary arrangements. 
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