In order to promote and transfer the results of the latest scientific findings to the fisheries users and exploiters of marine resources with the aim of attracting the participation of the fishing community in the sustainable and responsible management of marine resources in the waters of Bushehr province, the program of transferring of scientific findings with the title of "Managing the exploitation of aquatic resources; Co-operatives and Conservationists" was held with the presence of the managers of the Bushehr Fisheries Co-operatives Union, the managers of cooperatives and fishing ports of different cities, the representative of the Iran Fisheries Organization, the managers and experts of the Department of Fisheries, the managers and experts of the Departments of Fisheries in different cities of Bushehr province, the experts and researchers in this field and the deputy director of economic affairs of the Bushehr governorate as well as provincial authorities. Recent scientific findings, role of the fishing community in improving coastal management, shrimp fishery, challenges of managing aquatic resources, overview of the status of discards and bycatch in shrimp trawl fisheries and application of data obtained from ecological evaluation of aquatic resources for optimal management of fisheries activities were presented in this program. A specialized roundtable on "Challenges and Opportunities for Fisheries Management" was also held. After delivering specialized lectures, the free discussion also took place with the participation of the fishing community, experts and researchers. Fishermen's concerns and specialized and managerial strategies were discussed at the meeting. At the end of the ceremony, the fishermenwho were promoters and research assistants as well as old and experienced researchers and experts in the field of fisheries sciences were honored.
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