On the occasion of the Research Week, 49 colleagues from the headquarters of the institute, research institutes and centers were honored. At the event, Dr. Bahmani, the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, said that in the current critical conditions, national solidarity and national cohesion are the country's largest backbone. He added: One of the priorities that can save the country from economic problems is research, which ultimately contributes to the economic growth of investors and agricultural activists, especially fisheries users. The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute mentioned: By removing the barriers to production, this growth will drive the macroeconomic cycle and lead to higher levels of production.Dr. Bahmani believes that it should be noted that only multifaceted growth will develop and this multifaceted growth will only be possible by paying attention to research. At the end, the director of the institute emphasized: The academic members of the institute act as front - line forces for the investigative front and the rest of the staff working in various sectors are supporters of these jihadists. Therefore, their effectiveness is not less than that of the academic members of the institute. It should be noted that the exemplary colleagues were selected based on the indicators set by the experts. Their names are as follows: Saeed Safaei _ Samad Moghari _ Hamid Bachayizadeh _ Shamsi Riazi _ Reza Ardestani_ Parviz Tavakoli - Farrokh Hamzeheian_Foruzan Dastyar_ Mohammad Reza Faiezi _ Mohammad Reza Sayyah _ Mohammad Rasouli _ Morteza Karami Nasab _ Reza Haji Ahmadloo _ Javad Moaref _ Yahya Ahmadian _ Vahid Toraj _ Jafar Hormozi _ Roxana Fallahi _ Golandam Al Ali _ Mohsen Ahmadi Asl _ Majid Ebrahimi _ Ehsan Mohammadiha _ Mohammad Reza Sheikh Hassani _ Sara Mehmandost _ Mahdieh Namdar _ Motahareh Sadat Tabatabaei _ Davood Zargham _ Mohammad Reza Edalat Sarvestani _ Tayebeh Bashti _ Parastoo Mohebbi Derakhsh _ Abdollah Hagh Panah _ Mina Ahangar Zadeh _ Elahe Abbasi _ Simin Dehghan Medise _ Hossein Rameshi _ Saltanat Najar Lashkari _ Seyed Mohammad Vahid Farabi _ Seyed Morteza Hosseini _ Habib Sarsangi _ Abdul Khaligh Dashti _ Elnaz Erfani Far _ Seyed Aminollah Taghavi Motlagh _ Maryam Mir Bakhsh _ Sharareh Khodami _ Mastooreh Doustdar _ Zahra Bankeh Saz _ Fatemeh Habibi Saleh _ Maryam Amikhteh _ Alireza Fasihi.
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