The forty - first meeting of the Anzali Wetland Restoration Committee was held in the Governorate of Gilan with the presence of the governor of Gilan province, the members of the Committee and the general manager of wetlands conservation and restoration of the Department of Environment.During the meeting reports on the progress of activities in the fields of non – indigenous species, different approaches to wetland restoration, status of water resources, urban and rural wastewater and watershed management were presented by the managers of the relevant organizations.The governor of Gilan also emphasized that the executive bodies should be obliged to take action on the basis of the comprehensive environmental management plan within the framework of laws and in synergy with the people.He stated that by implementing the sewage collection project and establishing the sewage treatment plants in the south of Rasht, Bandar-e Anzali, Sowme'eh Sara, Fuman and industrial sectors should accelerate the restoration of the wetland.The governor of Gilan emphasized the need to mechanically and manually collect the invasive water hyacinth and other harmful non - native plants with the support of the Department of Environment, as well as the use of the capacity of NGOs within the legal frameworks.In this regard, it was decided that the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute would present the results and achievements of the implementation of the water hyacinth research project at the next meeting of the Committee.
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