At the farewell and introduction ceremony that was held for the deputy director of research as well as the consultant and the head of the office of the director of the institute, Dr. Mahmoud Bahmani, the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, reaffirmed that management changes are not due to their weaknesses, and add:We have decided to inject new flow and new energy into the institute so that we can achieve the goals set by the institute in the current critical situation of the country. The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute mentioned that Dr. Mortezaei and Mr. Azini were honest about their responsibilities and the two nobles were very successful in their work with compassion and effort. Dr. Bahmani believes that the capacities and potentials of these people must be used in other departments as well, because such people have valuable experience. He stated that the research department of any research institute is considered as the head of that organization, and added: Our researchers must find their place and facilitate and guide each other's work. Therefore, all staff must work in close collaboration with the institute to achieve its core mission, which is to advance the priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization.Dr. Bahmani thanked the efforts of Dr. Mortezaei and Mr. Azini and wished Dr. Hafezieh and Dr. Dadgar success in their new responsibilities.
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