According to the new decree issued by the director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, Dr. Moradi transferred the position to Dr. Ghaednia after three years of working as the deputy director of planning and support of the institute. Dr. Bahmani, while appreciating the unsparing work of Dr. Moradi, said: Replacing the positions does not mean the poor performance of managers, but rather because of some changes in the policies and missions of the institute. Although health, dignity and human resource ethics are top priorities, he said, actions must be measured and equity among employees must be measured. The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute believes that although health, respect for human dignity and ethics are at the forefront of the work, performance must be measured alongside them and there is a need to establish equity among employees based on their performance. Dr. Bahmani added: Dr Moradi has made a lot of efforts to manage the planning and support affairs of the institute and is now recognized as a treasure trove of knowledge and information. His scientific potential can therefore be exploited elsewhere. At the meeting, Dr. Moradi gave a brief report on the performance of the planning and support department, and Dr. Ghaednia outlined his plans and goals for running the department. It should be noted that Mr. Rostam Pour, the deputy director of planning and resource management of the Iran Fisheries Organization, was also present at the meeting.
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